Doing the Most

Hey Y’all

Lol, so Okay. Lemme not lie over here, I always do the most but in the end take L’s.

I’ve been way too serious and deep in my blogs lately and its kind of weird because I’m like the biggest joker I know. I never take things seriously and when I write sometimes I even surprise myself at how mature I sound. ( I read my own blogs and it’s so cringe)

But most of the time when I’m actually writing I’m probably listening to sad songs which put me in a sad mood. But usually I’m lit lit lit! 21 all the way!

Honestly, I’m always doing the most. They’re times when I’m just dancing cause I remember tunnel vision and sing the whole entire song in my head with instrumentals and back -up voices ( because I’m just so extra), or times when I start laughing because I remember a joke or a meme I read on Instagram ( because Instagram is basically my life). The random things I do are just so weird, my friends can back me up on this ( Right, Georgina?)

When I first decided to start a blog, I laughed for like 5 minutes straight because the idea of me being serious and sharing my feelings is so odd. But disclosure; I’m 75% serious in school, 20% a joker and 5% a lost cause. But this blog was a good Idea anyway. Thanks for all your support kids ( I really truly absolutely mean it from the deepest part of my heart)

Honestly, I wonder when I will actually be serious. I actually prefer not being serious and doing the most. But for now dudes and chicks, kids of the world,

Stay lit bro!



So lately life has been a little shitty ( excuse my vulgarity but I couldn’t find a better word). I mean, no one really has a perfect life so its not like I expected one. It’s been a bumpy ride for the past few months of my life and don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not writing for pity. I guess I’m just sharing.
What if you could plan your life? How would it be? Would every little thing be perfect? Would you enjoy it? Would it be fun?
The most frequently asked question in this generation is
“What do you plan to do when you’re older?”
Do we even know the answer to this question? I mean, do we even know what’s gonna happen tomorrow? So how would we know what will happen in future. We can’t even decide what to eat sometimes, how can we decide on our life choices. Actually life is more like a Sudoku puzzle, you really don’t know what number goes where until you analyze that shit. You can’t tell where life will take you and you cant tell what will happen tomorrow and that’s okay. Its better not knowing sometimes. Sometimes surprises are better, so that way you aren’t let down.
Okay, I’m not trying to be deep but this is just how the world is. One moment the sun will be heating up the back of your neck and the next moment the rain will be having a drum solo on the top of your head. Its not like we plan for things to happen, they kinda just unfold. We usually don’t expect happiness, or what will make us happy.  But when such things happen, we get so overwhelmed and that’s pure joy. That’s real. Real is unexpected, it’s overwhelming and sometimes a little scary.
Right now is what really matters. We can’t forget about right now and think about tomorrow because that isn’t real. We can’t think about yesterday because we can’t change it.

Live in the right now Kids.

Hey Stranger

Hey guys, I haven’t updated in forever and I feel terrible. So I wanted to explain a little about why I write. Well, I feel like all this writing is mainly influenced by the people I’ve met in my short lifetime
My friend Marco (another fantastic poet) once told me ” It’s the things you do, have done and have experienced that make you who you are.” I think that’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. My life has been a roller coaster of unnatural events and some how, writing has been my safe heaven.
I write mostly about random little things that come to mind. sometimes they’re single words and sometimes they are phrases and rarely they are whole paragraphs. When something pops into my mind, I write it down. sometimes I write on my hands, the walls, the desks at school, books and absolutely anything I can. Writing for me was another way to escape reality and to create a world of my own. I never share what I write, but I now share the ones I’m comfortable with people reading. I mean, I’m not very funny and I’m also not very interesting but some people find me interesting. (yay me!)
So I haven’t really been posting much because school just sucks up all my energy and my creativity levels just sink to below zero. The thing about words and writing is that it can cause pain, healing, happiness or sadness ( or in simple terms, provokes emotion). Words have a powerful effect, what we say from our hearts hold the strength of a thousand men. these simple words can break a soul or mend one. Words should never hurt someone, or cause someone pain. it’s not meant to be like that. Words should be used to save people from pain, from suffering, to make people smile, to make them laugh. My mother told me that a simple “Hello” , “How are you?” or even a smile can make someones day.
So hey Mr/Miss Stranger. I hope when you read this you will think of all the good things in your life and I hope you have a fantastic week.
Loads of Love xx