Dear People…


So currently I’ve been on a journey to fix my life. Over the past few months I’ve met some amazing and creative people that have helped me to grow and be more open minded.

I’ve also been super inactive and I immensely apologize for that. I shall try my hardest to be more active.

So a while ago it was Pride month, actually one of my favorite months, because its a time where brave people are appreciated for being themselves and truly embracing themselves. Times are changing and we need to understand that things change and not everything stays the same. We can’t be small minded people living in an improbable universe. It’s hard to accept change but unfortunately, it’s everywhere.

Everywhere I go I see and hear all this hate to things we don’t understand. Hate is mere words and actions used only for the purpose of putting others down. Everyone’s life is precious,I care about yours and mine I want you to be alive. Don’t die today. If your depressed there’s always a way to solve it. If you’re alone, there’s always someone to talk to. Suicide is never an answer, it’s another problem. 8 billion people, there’s no room to feel alone. Take your time to find self love and appreciation. Take time to be YOU. 🙂

To everyone struggling out there, the first steps is accepting yourself for who you truly are. Don’t strive to be someone you aren’t to please other people. Don’t hide yourself. You the shit. ( Always remember that)

Love, Lisa